Early in my photography career I had the good fortune to meet a photographer at my local lab whose work I’d long admired in the pages of Arizona Highways magazine. He offered to critique a few of my slides for a small fee and though I was initially skeptical, I figured I had little to lose so I accepted his offer. The experience was transformative. I’d never received honest, informed feedback on my photographs and the constructive critiques he shared were instrumental in the development of my own style and unique way of seeing, and I saw significant improvements in my photography following the critique sessions.

That single, powerful experience also shaped me as a nature photography workshop instructor. I’ve worked with hundreds of photographers in both group and private workshop settings, and I made a point of building in time for image critiques at every workshop. Almost without exception my clients raved about the constructive feedback they received during critique sessions, often times saying it was the most valuable part of the entire workshop.

Although I am taking a break from leading workshops I still have a strong desire to help others improve their photography. I am thrilled to be able to offer reasonably priced image critiques to anyone motivated to create dramatically better photographs while developing their own artistic vision.

For only $25 per image I will offer honest and thoughtful feedback via email to include my thoughts on the subject matter, composition, light, post processing and more. Click on the graphic below to learn more and get started with your image critique today.

Image Critique w/ Bret Edge

Professional image critiques can be a valuable tool for photographers seeking to improve their photography and develop a unique vision as an artist. Invest in your own artistic growth - schedule a personal image critique with professional nature photographer and popular workshop leader Bret Edge. 

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