For Sale: Canon 5D Mark III, Various Canon Lenses & Miscellaneous Photography Equipment

I honestly never thought this day would come but alas, it has, and I am selling ALL of my Canon camera equipment and a few other miscellaneous items related to outdoor photography.  Why would I do such a thing?  Simply put, I tried the Sony Kool-Aid and I liked it. A lot. So I'm switching. I need to sell my Canon gear to fund the crazy shopping spree on which I will soon embark.  Additionally, we just bought a new house and I'm literally cleaning out my closets.  I will probably add more to this list as I dig deeper into storage so if you don't see something you want, check back periodically.

Below you will find a list of the equipment I am selling.  None of the prices indicated include shipping or insurance.  I am happy to provide a shipping quote if you are interested in purchasing something.  Just email me with you shipping address and the item(s) in which you are interested and I will get back to you within a day or so with a shipping estimate. 

Without further ado...

The following items are offered as a package only.  I will not consider parting this out so please don't ask.


(1) Canon 5D Mark III camera body. Excellent condition and just under one year old. Works perfectly. No scratches, dents or dings. Top and rear LCD screen have been under the care of an Invisible Shield screen protector from day one so they are in perfect condition with no scrapes or scratches. 
(1) Canon BG-E11 battery grip. Excellent condition and just under one year old. Same description as 5D Mark III.
(2) Canon LP-E6 batteries. Real Canon batteries, not cheap knock-offs that will explode in your hand.
(2) Canon LP-E6 battery chargers.  Also real Canon products. One came with the 5DIII and the other is left over from my dearly departed 5DII.
(1) Canon Remote Switch RS-80N3.  Well used but in good condition and perfectly functional.
(1) Vello Shutterboss Intervalometer, Version 1. Bought it, used it once or twice and realized I'm not really a time-lapse kind of guy.
(1) Acratech Arca-Swiss style QR plate mounted on battery grip.
Miscellaneous CF cards, incl. (2) Lexar Professional 8GB, (4) Sandisk Extreme III 4GB, (1) Sandisk Extreme 16GB, (3) Sandisk Ultra II 1GB. Yeah, you'll get real, honest to goodness vintage 1GB CF card. Don't hold the shutter button down too long or you'll fill it up in a few seconds.

And, the rest of the riff raff.  Note: These prices do not include shipping or insurance. Please email me with your interest in a specific item and I will provide a quote for the shipping and insurance based upon your shipping address.

(1) Canon EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye lens w/ Lowepro padded lens case. The lens functions flawlessly but the front lens element has a small scratch that I've never found to affect the image quality.  I've used this lens primarily for adventure photography but there have been a few scenes that called for it.  Includes box, instructions and warranty card.  The lens cap is in a pothole in Capitol Reef National Park filled with dark, stanky water.  I'll tell you which one if you really want to dive for it.

(1) Canon 16-35mm f/2.8II USM lens including lens hood.  This lens is in excellent condition.  The zoom and focus rings rotate smoothly, the front and rear lens elements are clean with no scratches or other defects.  There are a couple very minor paint scratches on the front of the barrel but no dents, dings, dimples, divots, defects or other "D" words.  Includes box, instructions and warranty card. 

(1) Canon 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens including lens hood.  This has been my workhorse lens and is the one most commonly found attached to my camera at any given time.  As such, it looks the part.  I like to think of it as authentic.  There are minor scratches on the front lens element that do not affect image quality.  The barrel exhibits signs of use (but not abuse) such as minor scratches and zoom/focus rings that rotate freely but sound like they had a rough night at the bar.  Image stabilization works perfectly and image quality is outstanding.  Of everything I'm selling, I am most attached to this lens and I will probably get misty when I ship it off to you.  Includes box, but not instructions or warranty card.

(1) Tokina AT-X Pro 20-35mm f/2.8 lens. I've had this lens for 15 years, though I stopped using it around 8 years ago when I bought a Canon wide angle lens.  It's burly as hell, heavy and in good condition with no defects or scratches on the glass.  You won't want to use it in church because the focus mechanism is LOUD. And not fast. But, it does auto-focus just fine. Comes with a padded Tokina lens case, the original lens hood and nothing else.

(1) Pocket Wizard Mini TT1 & Flex TT5 set. Not much to say here.  If you have to ask what they are, you don't need them.  They're in very good condition, they work perfectly and both come with their original boxes complete with manuals and the cables that shipped with them. 
($250.00 for the pair)

(1) Canon Extension Tube EF25 II w/ storage bag.  Just what it says. Nothing more, nothing less. Very good condition and works perfectly. No box.

(1) Singh-Ray 77mm Thin Mount LB Warming Polarizer. You won't find a better filter manufacturer than Singh-Ray.  This one is in very good condition with no defects or scratches to the glass.  Includes the coveted Singh-Ray storage pouch although the little strap that holds the flap down is starting to unravel.

(1) Singh-Ray 77mm Thin Mount Vari-ND Filter. This filter allows you to dial in between 2 to 8 stops of neutral density, thus allowing for longer shutter speeds, even in bright daylight. This one is in very good condition with no defects or scratches to the glass.  Includes the coveted Singh-Ray storage pouch.  

(1) Black Rapid Curve RS-7 Camera Sling.  Brand new, still in box, never been fondled.

(1) Black Rapid SnapR 35 Camera Bag. I used this bag to carry a Canon EOS M, which it fit perfectly. I no longer own the camera so I've got no need for the bag.  It held the camera & attached lens, charger, USB cord and a wireless remote. I don't have the little slider thing (I think BR refers to it as a wrist strap).  It's a great bag for smaller cameras.

(1) Clik Elite Pro Body SLR Chest Pack w/ Harness. The Canon 5D Mark III with attached battery grip and 16-35mm or 24-105mm lens fits perfectly inside the pack. You can also fit 4 extra CF cards, a remote shutter release, an allen wrench, a few business cards, a microfiber cloth and a hotel room shower cap.  Figure that last one out on your own.  It carries comfortably on your chest using the included harness, allowing instant access to your camera.  This one is black.

(1) Gitzo G1227 carbon fiber tripod.  No head (see below).  This tripod is a grizzled veteran.  It's supported my cameras from coast to coast, in the mountains, in the deserts, in oceans, creeks, rivers and everything in between.  Maybe you're a new landscape photographer and you don't want to give off that "Hey, I'm new here!" vibe on your next visit to [insert iconic National Park location here].  Buy this tripod and no one will mistake you for a noob.  Seriously though, it works just fine - it's just ugly.  All the legs extend fully, the little hook thingy on the bottom of the center column extends and retracts like it should and the legs lock securely in place.  Take it apart and clean it and it'll be your BFF.

(1) Acratech GP ballhead.  Whaaaat? An Acratech GP ballhead for only $75.00 instead of the usual $400?  Yeah, well, this one doesn't come with a QR clamp and though it's still functional, you're gonna wanna get it fixed.  Or if you're handy, maybe you can fix it yourself.  I'm not. At all. The main control knob is stripped so it just spins and spins and spins.  But, you can still use it by turning the smaller tension knob to loosen or tighten the ballhead.  You will need to buy a QR clamp, which Acratech sells for $80, which means you'll have a $400 ballhead for $155.  Cosmetically, it's got a few scratches but nothing that affects the operation of the ballhead.

(1) f-stop gear Tilopa BC backpackIf you are buying the Gitzo tripod above you may also be interested in this backpack to complete the "veteran landscape photographer" look.  This foliage green backpack looks thrashed but is actually still in good working condition.  Until today it was my primary pack, always loaded and ready for a hike at a moment's notice.  It's got the requisite scrapes and embedded dirt from months of use but the suspension is still going strong and the pack material is wondering "Is that all you got?!"  I'm keeping the padded ICU (Internal Camera Unit) so you'll need to invest in one before you can carry your camera gear.  The only reason I'm getting rid of this one is because f-stop gave me a new pack and though I do tend to carry a lot of gear, I just don't need two backpacks.

(1) Olloclip 4-in-1 lens for Apple iPhone 5 or 5S. A marketing agency sent this to me to test and review, so I did. It's cool, but I'm not going to carry it around with me as I already have too much crap in my pockets.  It includes their iPhone case made specifically to work with the lens and comes with the original packaging.  Retail is $100. I'll sell it for...

There you have it, folks.  If you're interested in anything please use the form below to send me an email.  I'll get back to you as soon as possible.  Please feel free to share this post through whatever social media outlet you'd like using the "Share" link at the bottom of the page.  Who knows, maybe your buddy is in the market for some new camera equipment?

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